Kou Shibasaki's Profile
Kou Shibasaki

Name (romaji):

Shibasaki Kou

Real name:

Yamamura Yukie


Actress and singer




Tokyo, Japan

Blood type:



Japanese, English

Biography (Break-out):Edit

Kou Shibasaki's breakout role was in Kinji Fukasaku's Battle Royale (2000). Despite the fact that the film didn't even list her as a main character in the credits, she played by far the most complex and controversial personality in the ultra-violent cult masterpiece. Her convincing portrayal of Mitsuko Souma as the misunderstood junior high student who just "didn't want to be a loser anymore" instantly distinquished her from the other lightweights in the film. Because Battle Royale became a runaway blockbuster in Japan, Kou emerged from unknown obscurity to become a hot property instantly.

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